Islamouth through salmon fishing the bridge


Postcode Ferry Cottage Boathouse (morning meeting point 8:30am): PH1 4QW


Upper Islamouth and Meikleour House Pools (scroll down for description):
Map Upper Islamouth & Meikleour

Islamouth (Left Bank) - Pool 1

Islamouth is one of the most famous pools on the whole river and is usually fished from the boat as the fish often lie out-of-range of the bank rods. That said, in a big water the fish can come very close to the bank and in these cases it would be well worth a cast. Start about 50 yards upstream from the point and fish right down to the point itself. A gravel bottom with a depth of almost 10’ in places. You can be dropped of here by boat or by walking downstream for approximately ten minutes from the House Pool, passing under Kinclaven Bridge.

Islamouth pool

Castle Pool (Right Bank) - Pool 2

The Castle Pool is on the right bank and downstream of Ferry Cottage and it is predominantly a low water pool.  It is so named as it lies below the ruins of old Kinclaven Castle. It is a wonderful pool to wade, not at all difficult, especially in low to medium water. Many fish have been caught in this pool which is right opposite Islamouth.  Don’t be in any rush to fish past the fishermen’s bench as when you are in this area your fly or lure is just over the stones at the tail of the pool that produce so many fish each year.  The white posts at the tail of this pool mark the boundary with the downstream beat, so please do not fish below here.

Castle Pool Fly fishing Tay

Gow's Run (Left Bank) - Pool 3

Gow's Run is a narrow run on the left side of the river.  It is opposite Ferry Cottage, where the two boats tie up. A low water pool you fish from a gravel spit in the middle of the river and cast your fly the short distance to the bank.  It can at times, be very productive indeed. 

Gow's Run Angling in Scotland

Bridge Pool (Left Bank) - Pool 4

A left bank pool best approached by walking downstream from the House Pool.  It is the water 100 yards or so upstream from Kinclaven Bridge and can be particularly productive in the back end of the year in medium to high water.  The fish often lie very close in, so don’t cast too far and make sure you fish your fly or lure right up to the arch of the bridge as fish often lie with their tails right up against the bridge!  A very exciting place to hook one!

Klinklaven Bridge Pool Salmon Fly fishing at its best

Apple Haugh (Left and right Bank) - Pool 5

Apple Haugh can be fished from both banks and is only fished in times of high water.  Fish often rest here having swam through the fast water under Kinclaven Bridge.  The right bank was cleared of trees in the winter of 2014 to make the bank fishing more accessible here. A pool for the spinner, rather than the fly angler.  A favourite place in spring and autumn in a bigger water.

Bridge Pool Salmon Fishing In Perthshire

Cormorant Tree (Right Bank) - Pool 6

Walk upstream from Ferry Cottage, passing under Kinclaven Bridge and in five minutes you will reach the deer fence. At the deer fence drop down to the river.  This is an easy wade but you MUST keep your back to the bank as the water drops away quickly.  It is a pool to bank fish only in times of LOW water.  The fish will be very close in - no more than three rod lengths out. A short pool of maybe 50 yards, if the fish are there, they are easily covered and hopefully caught!  Please consult with your ghillie before fishing here.

Cormorant Tree Islamouth Salmon Fishing

The Rushes (Left Bank) - Pool 7

A new pool, first fished in the spring of 2015 after several spring fish were seen showing here. It produced several fish in a few days of low water. Best fished from the anchored boat, it is though worth a cast from the bank. Start from the croy at the tail of the House Pool and then come back onto the bank before walking downstream a few yards to the rushes and starting to fish here again. It is a very long cast from the bank as the fish seem to lie tight to the right bank, so a pool better suited to spinning rather than the fly. Aim to get your spinner as close to the dead tree lying at the waters edge as you can and fish it down to the rhododendron bush 50 yards below the dead tree. A deep water pool of over 10’ with many large stones in it.

the rushes salmon fishing pool on the Tay

House Pool (Left Bank) - Pool 8

This left bank pool is spectacularly overlooked by Meikleour House which towers above it. It is best fished from the boat, though can be very good in high water off the bank or in lower water from the croy. Fish are often found at the very end of this croy so always start fishing it with a very short line.There is no need to wade as in times of high water, fish will lie very close to the bank. 

Meikleour House Pool FLy Fishing on the Tay

Pump House Croy (Left Bank) - Pool 9

Another left bank pool, this one is right beside the top hut. It can be fished either from the bank in high water or from the boat in medium to low water. This pool is a place of beauty in the late spring with large mature rhododendrons along the adjacent pathway and the bank full of wildflowers. Fishing guests should ignore the sign "Private Garden".

Pump House Pool Salmon Fishing

Boxwood Bush (Left Bank) - Pool 10

One of the most productive pools on the whole beat, this is the pool upstream of the top hut near the fishermen’s bench. Walk upstream from the bench for maybe 100 yds and you will see a very tall larch tree. Begin fishing here and make sure you fish it down to the tail, where the bench is. The pool is uniformly deep and fish can be caught the entire width of the pool, including right under your feet. An amazing place to sit and marvel at the numbers of fish at the back end of the year. In very low water, you can wade the tail from both banks, but care should be taken here as there is the odd large stone to be aware of.

Boxwood Bush Fantastic Salmon Fishing in Scotland

The Meadows (Left Bank) - Pool 11

The Meadows was cleared in the summer of 2014 to open up a stretch of bank that runs for almost 200 yds.  A gently sloping sandy bank it is a great place to practice fly casting, but being deep and quite slow water it is best suited to spinning. Begin at the top of the sandy bank, where a bush is at the waters edge and fish it down to where a small burn enters the main river.  This pool fishes at all times of the year and is always worth a cast.


The Meadows Pool

Birch Bank (Left Bank) - Pool 12

A long stretch of deep water, best fished from the boat.  It holds fish in low to medium water and has lovely views both up and down the river. The favourite place is just where the rocks end on the right bank.  A favourite place to watch our nesting kingfishers, which breed here successfully.

Birch Bank wonderful salmon fishing on the Tay

Tunnel Pool (Right Bank) - Pool 13

This is a right bank pool, also known as the Tunnel Hole. It is very deep and dark water. It can be fished from the boat, but is mostly fished from the bank as the river pushes tight down this side. It is only fished in low water. You can see from all the large rocks placed along this stretch that the river has burst its banks on more than one occasion at this point. Fish will lie tight to the right bank and fly is often successful here. Your ghillie can drop you off here with the boat, it can be particularly productive in the summer and back end.

Tunnel Pool beautiful salmon fishing in Scotland

Tunnel Stream (Right Bank) - Pool 14

This is a right bank, shallow, gravelly run but very fast moving. You always feel like you're about to catch a fish here. It fishes best with a fly, either wading in low water when you are deposited on a small gravel island and can wade down, or from an anchored boat in higher water. It tails off into very deep water, the Tunnel Hole. The head of the Tunnel Stream can also be fished off the left bank, but it falls quickly into the deeper water of the Tunnel Hole so great care must be taken when wading here.


Tunnel Stream great wading fly fishing in Scotland

March Pool (Left Bank) - Pool 15

This is a left bank pool and the upper most pool on our beat. It is reached by a ten minute walk upstream from our top hut. It is a long and generally quite deep pool which fishes best in low water. It is usually fished from the bank, the best spot being right under the wires, but if the water is higher come down to where the white post with the orange top is. Equally productive in both the spring and autumn. Please be aware of the pylons crossing the river and keep your rod parallel to the ground when walking underneath them.

March Pool Salmon Fishing Tay