Upper Islamouth Great Salmon Frishing on The Tay



1.   RENT
Rents for the period 15th January to the end of the season are attached. Each boat carries two rods. There are two boats (and so four rods fishing from boats) and four wading / bank rods. Bookings can be from just one wading / bank rod up to the entire beat.

Bookings and enquiries should be made at the Estate Office. Lettings are confirmed upon receipt of a non-refundable 50% deposit (subject to a minimum of £200 or the total), due at the time of booking. The remaining balance is due eight weeks in advance of the fishing date. If the booking is made within eight weeks of the fishing date, the total cost is due at the time of booking. We do recommend that tenants take out their own cancellation insurance, in case for any reason they are unable to come. Subletting or rod sharing is not allowed.
The tenant in whose name the fishing is booked must be one of the rods and is responsible for his/her party. In the event of the tenant being unable to fish on any day or days booked, he/she is asked to give the Estate Office the name of the nominee who will be responsible for the party.It is important that all members of a party be familiar with these Terms and Conditions. There is a copy in the boathouse and lunch hut, or we are happy to send out additional copies on request.

(a) The downstream limit is marked by the line between the two white posts on each bank where the River Isla joins the River Tay.

(b) The upstream limits are marked by a notice board on each bank of the March Pool.

Please see the attached map.

There are two ghillies, with up to eight rods fishing at any one time. Depending on conditions, the boats may need to transport the wading / bank rods to the appropriate pool. Similarly, the ghillies may need to assist the wading / bank rods, even when with other customers in the boat.
The head ghillie will decide where to place all the rods and boats. He will try to accommodate any specific requests, but may not be able to on all occasions. He will try to ensure that all rods and boats have access to all appropriate parts of the beat over the course of the day.

All rods start at Ferry Cottage Boathouse. This is just off the main road on the Stanley side of the bridge over the Tay. The postcode is PH1 4QW.
The Meikleour House Fishing Hut is on the other bank and available to all rods. To get there by vehicle, turn down the private road in Meikleour Village, opposite the Market Cross. After ½ mile, turn right towards the Stables, following the signpost. Turn left immediately in front of the Stables and go down the fairly steep road to the river. There is a gravelled parking area there and the hut is 50m downstream. The postcode is PH2 6EA. Both buildings are marked on the attached map.

The boats will be available from 09.00 until 17.00 and the ghillies will be on duty from 08.30 until 17.30 with one hour off at lunch time. The decision as to where and when the boats may be used rests with the ghillies. Tenants may not take out boats themselves. If you would like to wade or fish from the bank before or after these times, please discuss with the ghillies first.

N.B.  Holders of trout fishing permits have permission to fly fish for trout from 8am until 6pm (or sunset, if earlier). They are obliged to give way to salmon anglers, and you should not feel inhibited in asking them to do so.

7.   CATCH
We adhere to the Tay District Salmon Fishery Board recommendations:

- 15 January to 31 May:

  • All fish are to be released safely with minimum handling..

    **Furthermore it is now a criminal offence to keep any salmon – including heavily bleeding one-  from the season opening to the 31st of March ***

- 1 June to 15 October: We warmly encourage anglers to release ALL their fish. Each fish released entitled you to a pint of teh Lure of Meikleour at the Meikleour Arms

  • All hen fish of any size and all cock fish over 10 pounds are to be released.
  • All coloured and gravid fish are to be released.
  • No more than ONE IF ABSOLUTLY NECESSARY clean cock fish of less than 10 pounds may be retained per angler per SEASON

Sea Trout:

  • All sea trout are to be released throughout the entire season.
Any fish that are permitted to be retained are the property of the tenant. If fishing out with normal hours, particulars of any catch (i.e. weight, lure and pool), including nil returns, should be given to the ghillies at the next normal-hours

Baiting with prawn or shrimp is illegal. Worming is only allowed from 1 June to 31 August. Any other legal method of angling is permitted. Advice should always be sought from the ghillies in case of further changes.

9.   DOGS
Dogs are welcome. Please ensure they are kept under control (we have cats that do roam about the river banks) and clear up after them. They are not allowed in the boats.

We accept no responsibility for loss or damage to the property of tenants' or any members of his/her party. Nor do we accept responsibility for any injury to the tenant or any members of his/her party. In the interests of safety, no alcohol may be offered to the ghillies. Although we accept no liability for personal fishing accidents, it is recommended that anglers (whether fishing from the boat, bank or wading) and any other boat passengers should wear life jackets, which are available to borrow if necessary. You should ensure that your own insurance covers your equipment.

We would be grateful if tenants would report to the ghillies or to the Estate Office, any poaching or illegal fishing which they may witness.

Please help us prevent an outbreak of Gyrodactylus Salaris, which has had catastrophic effects on some foreign rivers. All fishing tackle must not have been used abroad in the prior three months, or have been properly sterilised. If you are in any way uncertain if your equipment is sterile and safe, we will happily lend you some.

We have estate rods that tenants are welcome to use. We do not charge a rent, but tenants are required to pay for any damage. Please inform the head ghillie of your requirement beforehand. Flies and lures can be purchased from the head ghillie.

Estate Office
Betty Martin              01250 883424

Head Ghillie
Calum McRoberts      07713 565983

John Ross      07713 565984

Fishery Manager
Claire Mercer Nairne   07525901790        

Sam Mercer Nairne
November 2017